Exception Handling in TYPO3

Exceptions in TYPO3, how can I deal with that?

Exception handling in TYPO3

Everybody knows these messages telling you that something, somewhere went wrong. This is annoying and should be prevented programmatically, but you can not deal with all of them. Or can you?  

Arbeiten mit TYPO3 FlashMessages im FrontEnd

Using and configuring FlashMessages in the TYPO3 Frontend

Working with TYPO3 FlashMessages in the FrontEnd

You want to bring a fast notification from actions to the frontend? You only need that temporary? There are FlashMessages in the backend. But can you use them in the frontend? Yes, you can. And I'll show you how.  

[Translate to English:] Globales Menü aus Datensätzen generiert

Generating a global menu from records

For a product overview we had the need to create a menu of the products for the webpage

At first we thought we'd need a plugin for this case which would fetch the product records, and to render the needed fields and push that to the fluid template. That would have create the following scenarios:  

TYPO3 Extensions aktualisieren

Help, my TYPO3 extension is too old!

How do you keep your TYPO3 extensions up-to-date?

Everybody who writes and curates TYPO3 extensions over several years will come to the point where the extension is too old for this shiny new version of TYPO3.